"Facing the Bull"- The Film

Poster art by Sheryl Boltze

January 30, 2020

  • Hippy Cool Productions, LLC is happy to announce, will be filming this Spring. 2020.  We'll keep you posted of any events or screenings in upcoming months.  For more information or if you would like to help in finance investment or other contributions, please contact us at:  info@hippycool.com  We would love to speak with you in regards.

Facing the Bull

Tickets available now for Saturday, November 2nd performance the the Tyler Park Center for the Arts.


In 2012, a writer from ABC Studios in NYC, coaxed actress, singer/songwriter, Lisa Bonner into writing her stories.

Staged Reading

While working on, what has become,  "Facing the Bull", Bonner was invited to participate with Naked Stage.   Naked Stage readings were based, at the time, in East Hampton, in conjunction with Guild Hall Theater.  It was there that "Facing the Bull" was first performed as a one woman show performance.

Play Development

In 2016, in NYC, Lisa randomly bumps into a former backing producer from a film she was in.  He asked what she was working on and became immediately interested, inviting her over for a reading of her works.

Off-Off Broadway

After an initial reading in the West Village in early Spring 2017, it was decided an additonial reading, with full band orchestration, would be scheduled for later that year, August 2017 to showcase the entire piece of work.  It was very successful.  After further discussion with producer, it was decided, another act should be added to the piece.  This was completed in November 2016 and provided the ground work for what would become the first, equity showcase performance held in Greenwich Village, NYC, in February 2018.  We then again were invited to perform our play in Bucks County which gave us an opportunity to present "Facing the Bull" in a new stage version, whcih was presented and showcased as a staged reading performance at WestBeth Community Room Stage in November 2019.

Film Script

At the initial producers' meeting for the Off-Off Broadway performance of "Facing the Bull", the newest producer fo the show, slapped "Facing the Bull" down on the table and exclaimed, "This is a movie!  That needs to be done now!"  So with that, the transformation of the script from stage to screen began.  2018-2019.

Film Shooting

Well, we finally did it!  Our first scene, our first screening at the Norwood Club in NYC in May 2018.  With great guidance under Brian Gonzalez, Hippy Cool Productions, LLC has taken on it's first independent film project.  

"Prime-eerily Coffee Shop Talk"

Bonna and Sarah meet up in a NYC coffee shop, after Bonna returns to NYC.  Bonna has been travelling up and down the East Coast of the US for 16 months.  The scene here is an edited trailer, which takes place in April 2016 of the film's timeline.  The conversation quickly turns to the current primary challenges, the elections, are presenting and the factors creating the decisions, and indecisions, the American public are facing.

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